Now that you’ve visualized your dream life in the previous step, it’s time to set goals and to make those dreams reality!

You’ve visualized your dream life, and now it’s time to set goals to make those dreams reality! Let’s use the SMART formula, which stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely, to sharpen your focus. This formula ensures that your goals are clear, trackable, within reach, realistic, and have a deadline, making them more likely to be achieved.

Specific: Clearly define your goal with numbers or well-defined terms, so it’s locked in your mind and unmistakable.

Measurable: Track your progress so you can see how close you are to smashing that goal.

Attainable: Is this goal within reach? If not, what do you need? This is a great time to find an accountability partner to keep you on track.

Realistic: Dream big, but make sure your action steps are achievable. Push yourself, but don’t overwhelm–realistic steps will keep you moving forward.

Timely: Set a deadline, check in regularly, and keep the momentum going!


Start Setting Your Goals! 

  1. Write a few goals for each of the ten Best Life categories.
  2. Narrow down to one high-impact goal per category.
  3. Find the one goal that will absolutely revolutionize your life.


Be Bold, Be You!

Review your My Best Life Wheel results and work toward balancing your life. Start with a high-scoring category to keep you motivated, and pair it with one that needs the most attention. Let that winning mindset spill over and power up the other categories.

The Living My Best Life Program

Designed to help you live a life of purpose, balance, and growth, this program gives you access to powerful tools, resources, and coaches. The My Best Life website, a key resource in the course, keeps everything in one place and helps you focus on achieving your dreams. It allows you to track your progress, set reminders, and access course materials on the go, making your journey to your best life even more convenient and effective.


The Journey Starts Now!

Your journey to living your best life begins today. Let’s tackle your goals together and make those promises you made to yourself a reality! 

My Best Life Step 1:

Writing down your goals is a game-changer for staying motivated and on track. The SMART process (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely) will focus your steps and lead you exactly where you want to go. For example, if your goal is to shed some pounds in a month, think about setting up concrete, achievable action steps like a two-week detox, clean eating for 30 days, drinking water based on your body weight, and biking a few times a week.

Regular progress checks are crucial. Whether you use the My Best Life website or the Best Life Planner, track your progress to see what’s working and what needs tweaking. Stay motivated by watching your steps add up!

Bonus: What’s a nifty biohacking tip you can use to reach your goals faster?

My Best Life Step 2:

Track your results! The My Best Life website or Best Life Planner will help you see if your action steps are bringing you closer to your dreams. If you’re not seeing progress, make the necessary adjustments to get back on course.

My Best Life Step 3:

Be accountable to your plan. Cross off tasks as you finish them and review the next day’s action steps each night. Need some extra support? Work with a coach, a close friend, or lean into the Best Life Website for personalized tools and videos that align with your goals.

Accountability is the name of the game!


Don’t Lose Your Dreams to Daily “Smacks” of Life:

Life’s daily “smacks,” like emails, errands, and social media, can distract you from your goals. Take charge and prioritize your primary goals, fitting those daily smacks around them. You have the power to stop wasting time and regain focus and determination.

Blend It Together:

The Living My Best Life Now planner is a comprehensive tool that helps you personalize your journey and stay inspired. Whether you want to download items, join the online community, or find a coach, everything is designed to keep you motivated and progressing toward your dreams.

Keep Yourself On Track:

Tackle the Tough Stuff First: Start with your least favorite task to power through it, then move to the things that energize and motivate you!

Write Down Actionable Steps: Small, manageable steps help you prioritize your day, week, and month.

Stack Your Habits: Replace a bad habit with a positive one! If lunch out is your kryptonite, swap it for meal planning at home. This powerful habit stacking will save you money, time, and improve your health!

Understand and Remove the Daily Life Smacks!

Cheers to you for taking actionable steps toward your goals! But beware of “Life Smacks”–those obstacles that keep you stuck in place.

Here are some of the most common Life Smacks:

  • Guilt
  • Self Sabotage
  • Fear
  • Laziness
  • Lack of Focus
  • Anger
  • Envy
  • Peer Pressure
  • Misguided Beliefs

Recognize them, face them head-on, and remove them from your life. Sometimes you’ll need help releasing them; other times, you just need to dig deep.

Living Your Best Life means waking up with a plan, focusing on what you need to do, and taking steps that move you closer to your goals. Start eliminating those Life Smacks and unlock all the potential you have within. Your personal growth journey begins now!